Speedy Semi Domed

500SYD45 350x
With semi domed head are the New “SPEEDY” airgun pellets in calibre 4,5 mm/.177 an entry level plinking pellets, specially designed for airgun shooting for fun. These pellets with uncompromising competitive price enables for all shooters great fun for a low budget. Although this are an entry level pellets the aerodynamic domed shape of pellet allows precise shots up to medium distances. The pellets can also be used for air weapons with rotary magazine. Packed in durable plastic screw top box, 500 pieces in each.
caliber 4.5mm | .177
weight 0,50g | 7,72gr
energy ≤ 16J
recommended hobby line pellets
ranges ≤ 25m | 27y
quantitiy 500
cardboardbox 24