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Rapid Action 200 WP

200WPRA45 350x
»Rapid Action« pellets has been specially developed for Action Shooting, where air weapons operate with CO2 gas or compressed air, as well as magazines for more pellets, rotary clips, etc. The pellet dimensions are carefully adapted to the magazine’s inside diameters, therefore the pellets don’t fall out from magazine. Due to this characteristic, »Rapid Action« pellets are the perfect solution for hobby shooters and action shooters. Caliber 4.5 (.177), flat head, for muzzle energy up to 16 J.
caliber 4.5mm | .177
weight 0,48g | 7,41gr
energy ≤ 16J
recommended sport line pellets
ranges ≤ 25m | 27y
quantitiy 200
cardboardbox 60